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May. 19th, 2009

Monty Python

Holy shit.

I haven't updated in ages. So here's my life as of now...
Still working in pediatrics. Still love it. Nothing too exciting going on there. I'm pretty much boring at work. I just work then leave. But over the past few months I've been letting a bit more of me show. Like, Darcie came over to the nursing station asking if we were trying to call her because she couldn't answer. So I said, "I tried to call you." And she gave me one of those okay, and? looks. Then I continued with, "I wanted to ask you on a date." Moment of what did shauna just say? Then she laughed and said that she was hoping I would ask. Another random Shauna at work moment was when I printed out a sign for a baby because they just had surgery done on some part of their digestive tract saying, "Please do not insert anything rectally." The charge nurse asked me what it was and I showed her and said it was my motto in life. I kind of was like wow, where did my mind to mouth filter go. Other than that I have an evaluation tomorrow and it better say glowing things about me.

Boys and Friends:
I'm pretty sure when I posted about the me and Ryley thing had gone to shit. Well he lives with his sister AKA my bestest friend ever, Jessica now. Because he's a jobless waste of air. Anyways, he irritates me. I'm cordial with him because of Jess, and he thinks we're buddy buddy but I would be quite content with life if I never saw him again. But whatever. Only new thing really is Eddy. But he's just kind of a Tuesday night thing. Jessica and I play beer pong at Joe's bar practically every Tuesday. So does Eddy and John. Nothing really has happened between Eddy and I but some hardcore flirting and not so hardcore petting. I've only seen him on a day other than Tuesday once in the months that I've known him, when me and Jess went to his housewarming. So nothing too much going on there but a wee bit of fun.

Nothing new really. Except on Friday I went to a school organized function with my little brother because my mom was sick. It was white water rafting. I was certain that impending doom was to be had. I was on a raft with one mom, five middle schoolers and a guide. It turned out to be an incredible experience though. I absolutely loved it. We only did class three rapids, but it was such a rush. I want to do it again.

Random Shauna Stories:(Random craziness I've gotten into since I last posted.)
One: This past weekend Jessica and Ryley went out to Vegas to see Jess's mom. On the way back they got two flat tires. So Jess calls me to pick them up in Utah. So I do. On the way, like 10 miles from the town they're at I run out of gas. My first time ever. So I start walking all types of like OMGwTF?! I was on the phone with Ryley telling him that if I die out in Utah that I will haunt him forever. Then he joked around that Utah is a pretty big mormon state so I could just flash a guy. (Inside joke explained: I flashed the mormon's who live in Jess's apartment complex when I was kind of drunk. >.< So now every time we see them they give me weird looks.) Anyways, a nice man pulled over and I hitchhiked with him to Green River, Utah, bought a gas can and 2 dollars worth of gas and he drove us all back to my car. Sweet man. Good karma his way.
Two: Ryley's newest ex-girlfriend's little brother's name is Troy. He's 17 and was on the run from the foster system staying with his sister. Well his sister is a totally druggie retarded bitch so Troy started staying with Jess and Ryley in Jessica's apartment. He's a really good kid trying to stay out of trouble and do something with his life. He just had a really bad family situation then a shitty foster situation. So we all were going to go swimming at my apartment's pool but Troy didn't have any trunks so I bought him a pair. He pulled me aside and was like, I'm sorry if I don't seem appreciative, I'm just not used to anybody caring enough about me to buy me anything, thank you. It was really sweet. Well, during Jess and Ryley's trip to Vegas Troy went with them, he didn't come back though. Jess and Ryley left him alone in Vegas while they partied so when he was walking around alone a cop stopped him and asked to see some ID. Troy obliged, they ran his name and put him in juvie for being a run away. So now I've been trying to get a hold of his case manager to see about getting guardianship over him to get him out.
Three: Obviously, I got a place finally. No longer crashing at Jess's. Me and my brother got an apartment. I love it.
Four: Actually... can't think of anything else off the top of my head. Damn my crappy memory!

Nov. 10th, 2008

Monty Python

Real life notebook.

I went to visit my grandma today. We ate dinner and played bingo. It was great. But there was a really touching moment. I was telling my grandma about how I just finished reading "A Walk to Remember" by Nicholas Sparks and she told me how she read "The Notebook" and it was very special to her, because my grandpa had Alzheimer's before he passed a few years ago. She told me how they were playing cards together after his Alzheimer's had progressed and he threw his hand down and she asked him what's wrong. He told her, "I know I had a wife, I know I had three sons... But I don't know what happened to my wife..." And my grandma told him she's his wife and that she never left, and she never would. And how they both cried.

Alzheimer's is a cruel disease.

Nov. 3rd, 2008

Monty Python


I just took the longest personality inventory test thing in existence. And based on that it told me the top three jobs for me are...

We have compiled based on your personality profile the top 3 jobs most suited to you:
1. Funeral director
2. Medical Laboratory Technician
3. Tailor, Dressmaker or Custom Sewer


Jun. 7th, 2007

Monty Python

For real goodbye to Anton Day #17

Alrighty! Today I got up and out of my house a bit after 10am and headed out to Denver to spend time with Annie. Before I left I got directions to his hotel off of map quest, turns out map quest should be called gay quest because the directions took me to the hard core ghetto. I was like... >.> <.< *locks doors* So I drive around some more like WTF?! And Anton asks his hotel peeps and they say the exit is Quebec and it should be right there. So I get back on to I25 and nothing. I finally stop at the Sheridan hotel to ask for directions and they gave me a little map and directions. So BAM! Drive out to the Red Lion Hotel, turns out... there's more then one in Denver. So they give me directions to the other one where I FINALLY met up with Anton at like 2pm.

We head over to the Park Meadows Mall and walk around there for a bit. Ate lunch and had a conversation about Beverly. Made me all emo but I was like *LOCKDOWN* no emotions out. After that we headed over to the general area that Beverly lives in. (Side note: Sometime during all this my mom had called me asking me where I was and I was like Denver... And turns out she "had asked me" to drive Dawn to work today. The quotation marks are because my mother is psychotic and probably thought to her self to ask me or asked me when I WASN'T THERE?!?!?! Or what not because I had no idea that I was supposed to.) Anyways, I call her to ask her for directions to Beverly's and she is like RAWWWDIE I DON'T KNOW DIEKTHX. I'm like >.< Eep. Me mom is going to kill me when I get home. After a bit of aimless driving in Aurora, my mom calls me back and tells me that she lives off of Quentero Circle which is off of Quentero Street. So YAY! We got a lead... We drive around some more with no idea where this supposed Quentero Street is, finally stop to ask for directions and ended up buying a map. Turns out... there's like SIX Quentero Streets. Blast thee! Well, we drove around a couple of them and at one we saw a car that looked a lot like Beverly's from what I remembered, we knocked on the houses it was parked in front of, and alas, no Beverly. Must have been totally random, two strangers knocking on the door then some dorky guy with an Australian accent asking if there was a Beverly living there. Good thing they were nice and not like *gun* "FUCKING BANG!"

So plan aborted, we headed to the airport. I got lost AGAIN. SMITE THEE! It was the stupid signs fault because they were like ZOMG GO THIS WAY TO AIRPORT!!!! And I went that way and ended up in like KANSAS! WTF. Finally found my way to the Airport and went in with Annie. Because yesterday he had missed his flight and all that right? Well the guy who helped him out told him to come back tomorrow, hence today, and see him and he'll get him straightened out. So we wait in this line forever and the dude just like walks away.... o.O Turns out the guy totally forgot about Annie and really didn't need to do anything for him, Anton just had to wait in some other line to get checked in. So we do that and his bag is TWO pounds over and the lady’s like you must take out shizzzz... I'm like WTF bag Nazi. Whateva. We follow the map to the security check in, but it's closed so we have to go to the other side to get him checked in but some dude was like ZOMG no wait over at some other check in. Head that way and it's like in a different city or some shizzzz and the stupid moving sidewalk things are like NOT WORKING in the direction we're walking. I was like hmmmm it's all signs that Annie’s not meant to leave. But he gets to the checkpoint and I must bid him adieu. And it was like soooo we already said bye... *awkward* sooo just leave... kthx. XP Just kidding. But really.

And I walked away and it was like *TEAR*. He's really leaving... maybe. Boy likes to toy with my emotions. But he just texted me from Los Angeles where he'll get on a plain to Australia, so he's really gone. =(

Anyways, the drive home was an adventure. Denver is like 70ish miles from where I live right. So I'm leaving the airport and like SHIT I'm out of gas. So I pull into a gas station and BAM I had left my debit card at home and was BROKE. Fucking tole booths. Two dollars each one to drive on a road my ass. Anyways, I'm like oooohsnap son, let's just see how close I can get to home before having to call my bother to bring the gas can and save me. I get all the way from the Airport to Colorado Springs which is like 50 miles. Had collected enough change while driving to add up to $2.50. Went inside and prepaid for it and I'm like... >.< Please don't laugh at me. And bam, I made it all the way home. My car is a stud! 70 miles on $2.50, not bad.

Getting home though, not so good. My mom was like we need to talk and I’m like MEEP! And she goes into the living room where my dad is watching TV, and he turns it off which is DOUBLE MEEP! Because that means it's going to be a serious talk. Meh, don't really feel like going into it but pretty much they were like SHAUNA YOU FAIL AT LIFE! And I'm inconsiderate and spoiled and that it's the real world and I'm 20 years old so I need to be more responsible and reliable and yada yada. And I might of been like meh, you're right... if it had been for the fact that MY MOTHER IS INSANE?! I'm like woah woah woah, all this over not driving Dawn to work, a task I was NEVER informed I was supposed to do?! And my mind is Anti-Shauna and likes to think of really funny smart-ass replies to things my mom says but I can't like show any sign of anything so I have to try hard not to crack up laughing. I just sit there with a very straight face with a hint of I'm stupid and I fail at life and nod my head appropriately. My older brother walks in looks around with a look of OHSHITWHATDIDIWALKINTO. And I cracked a smile for like .5 of a second. But LOCKDOWN. Emotions under control.

Yep. So, that brings this edition of the Anton Experience to a close.

But then again I’ll probably add random Anton stories as they come to me…

Random Anton story #7: Anton has hair of steel. I kept trying to mess it up just to annoy him and that shit does not move. I’m like POW FLATTENED. And it just comes back to spite me.

Random Anton story #8: So Anton texted me to let me know he got to Los Angeles, and I texted back “Lol! You made it finally. =)” And he replied with, “U need 2 make a brain” which made me laugh. My retort: “You need to make a girlfriend you gay.” Anton: “Lol ouch low blow.” Me: “lol! That’s the way I roll.” And for the knock out, Anton: “I’ll roll u off a cliff.” Which made me laugh even harder. That boy is a hoot.

Jun. 6th, 2007

Monty Python

Anton J.... Allll day.... # 15 & 16

This entry is probably going to be a bit muddled because I have two days to cover and my memory is shittastic.

So yesterday, worked 3-10 again. Gay sauce. Before work though, Dawn came out with the whole crew and since Dawn had Beverly’s current number me and Anton were like SCORE. But she had forgot the number so when Chris, her husband, went home he was supposed to call back with the number. But I guess they had deleted Bev’s number from their caller ID. Gah, shafted. So we ate some KFC then a bit after I had to be going to work. After work watched Terminator. Because it’s Anton’s favorite and a long, long time ago when Anton was talking about coming out he would always say that I couldn’t watch it until I got to watch it with him so we did. It was good. =) I liked it. We goofed around in my room for a while then at 3:30 am I was like, hmmm hungry, so I was like, “annie wanna go somewhere?” And we ended up going out to Village Inn because it was where we went on his first night out here, and last night being his last night I thought it was fitting. Came back and went to sleep at like 5am. >.<
Today Whitney called me a bit after 10am asking me what is going on because she wanted to say bye to Annie. So I’m like ……SNORE…… and she’s like, call me back when you wake up. XP Then around 10:30 Anton comes in and wakes me up so I’m like gah. Must get up but soooo sleepy. Finally got up and what not and I was like uh, where’s mom? Because Anton had told me the plan for today was we would get up early, stop by to see Whitney, then go by Angie’s, come back then my mom, me and him head to Denver and stop by Beverly’s because my mom thought she might be able to remember how to get there if she was out there, then drop Anton off, and I get to work by 3pm. But, me mom was at school so we were like kay?! Took forever getting packed and ready. My mom had also bought Anton a Coloardo shirt so I signed it with something awesome, can’t quite recall, and my little brother signed it saying “Don’t leave us! Let Shauna go instead! –Richard” I was like…. Thanks… ya punk. And William and mom signed it too. And Anton drew a picture of Goku with a speech bubble saying “U lack intelligence kos Anton said so! / Anton J alllll day / *signature*” on a poster on my wall. So signing, then me and Anton went over to Whitney’s and us three went to a restaurant called Frankie’s Too. Ate lunch and joked around. And aw. Whitney signed his shirt too, then we all went back to my house. Anton said his good byes, got his stuff packed into my mom’s car and drove away. =( It was so sad watching him leave. I went to work and Whitney worked too so that was good. But I was so tired and meh that it was a pretty boring day till the end when Whitney had enough of my un-entertaining-ness and started to crack jokes that are sure to please. Whitney rocks. But also, Anton called and told me that he had missed his flight so he’s going to spend the night in Denver then fly out tomorrow at 7:(something)pm. SO YAY! I have tomorrow off so I’m going to head out there and spend one last day with him.

Random Anton story #4: Before we watched Terminator me and Annie went out to Will’s camper and inside Anton stuck his hand out and was like, watchhhhh… so I did and he did some random arm roll, wave thing, and it ended with him smacking me. It was so random! I was like OH NO YOU DIDN’T! *SNAP* It was just a tap but I kept giving him crap for hitting me. XP I was like, that is IT, you don’t get to touch no more.

Random Anton story #5: Today, while we were hanging out with Whitney Anton asked to draw on my hand, and I’m like NO! I don’t wanna! But finally I was like gah, go ahead, so he drew a PENIS in permanent marker on the palm of my hand. I must admit, it was actually quite funny. Because all day at work I would be like, CRAP IS MY PENIS SHOWING?!

Random Anton story #6: So we’ve created some running jokes right? Another one is that we’ll say everything as if it’s a question. Like that funny in Anchorman when Ron Burgandy was like, “I’m Ron Burgandy?” Le funny. The best part was when Anton first started to do it he would be making sentences sound like question, but would be saying actual questions. Like, “What are *get’s all high pitched*youuuu doing?!” Bah, you had to be there.

Jun. 5th, 2007

Monty Python

AntoNO. I'm running out of ideas. Day 14

What’s cracking? Oh man. It’s hard to remember everything that happens in a day, by the end. So it started off with me getting up at like 11 I think. Don’t quite remember. Got all ready for work then got a call from my mom asking me to check up Anton so I went out to the camper and knocked and there was no reply so of course I assume he’s sleeping. My mom calls again, I report, and she flips out like she’s a one passenger train headed to Crazy-ville. I’m like wtf… I guess she wanted me to make sure he was okay and I’m like uhhhh why wouldn’t he be?! Did you do something!? Lol. But he just slept in. So wtf ever. But she kept cracking on me so I’m like yeahhhh I got to go to work like a half hour early.

Then I worked 3-10. Whitney was working til 5 so I got to talk to her. She’s my lovebottoms. Work was meh. Except my daddy came to visit me which was YAY! Because when I wake up he’s at work, by the time I get home from work he’s asleep so I haven’t seen much of him. Then Anton and William stopped by.

After work I called Anton and let him know and he was at a pool hall with William. So I went home to change but my clothes were still in the washer, drenched. So I threw an outfit in the dryer and waited it out. After a bit I was like SCREW IT! Threw them on still damp and headed out to the pool hall. It was way fun. I suck hard core. =) Angie came too and she was being Angie. Asked Anton to spot her boyfriend’s drinks. Anton was like SCUSE, good for him with the attitude. So Angie was like O.O FINE! Ummm. William left then Angie and Ty left and me and Anton played a round of Air Hockey. He won by one point, the bastard.

Came home and hung around in my room. Anton is a huge dork. But it’s all good! That boy cracks me up. We have to get a hold of Beverly though because still no sign. But we’re getting closer I think because Dawn was supposed to call Beverly today and get her to call me, so hopefully that all works out. Anton can’t not see Beverly.

Jun. 4th, 2007

Monty Python

Dayyyy 13: Antface

Soooooo today I get up and me mom is like ooohhh Will and Anton are going to Cave of the Winds and you're not. I'm like, woah, hold the phone. It's 10 in the morning, I got to bed at 6 in the morning, I've had no coffee and I might kill someone. But being awesome, I'm like mmmkay. But then I happened to slide in there that if I was to travel to that far to visit a friend I would prefer to spend as much time as possible with them. Sly. So Anton comes out and is like let's go yay! And I'm like, bah not going. And he's like shameful. Me mom's like, WHY YOU NO GO?! I'm like... uhhhhh crazyland was the exit before this one, missed it? Anyways me, Will, and Anton went up into the mountains to a tourist spot called Cave of the Winds. It was great. We got to walk through the caves on a tour. See the natural stuff. Anton kept cracking jokes about breaking things. And there's this natural rock pillar thing that had been broken and it's called Romeo and Juliet because it would never reform, I'm like AWWWWWW TAKE A PICTURE ANTON! Annnnddd our tour guide was hawt. So that was fun stuff, then we went to get something to eat and Will was taking us to like CANADA, WTF?! Not really. Then we headed back home.

Got changed for work and bam WORKED. Work went by really quick, thank goodness. Got two more online activations bringing me to 5 for the week. So I rock. Everybody should sign up for the Blockbuster Total Access Online Program, just ask me how. =) And just kidding. Except not.

Then came home and got online and Anton was on so I'm like hey and pretty much he said he was at angie's and he had to go hang out with her and I was like uhhhkay. Word. Then a few moments later there was banging on my window which I assumed was William but it was Anton. The ninja. So I showered and then we watched some Star Wars thing. Slightly interesting. Then we watched Not Another Teen Movie, classic. Annndddd then we chilled in my room a bit. I was really tired though so me brain no workey. Bah.

After a bit we went out to the camper and got him all tucked in. And bam. It's now a time. And it's sleep a time.

P.S. He was all like I'm going to read your journal tomorrow because you're going to go back inside and post, and I was like nooooo, but it's a yes so I'm going to be a ninja and friends only it so he can't see and prove a point. This P.S. is gay. I failed.

Jun. 3rd, 2007

Monty Python

Day 12 of the Anton Andventure

Wowzers, it's past 4am, I really should be sleeping. Today I opened again so worked from 9 til 3:30. Got off early cause the night manager came in early. Got another online so YAY! Got my 3 for the week so bam, goal reached. Worked with Greg. He's awesome. He's a really stand up guy. I went to drop some mail off and I came back and he was just gone. I'm like... what the crap... he's supposed to be watching the store. I was like "Greg? ... Hello?!..." And finally I spot him peaking out from behind an end cap. And I'm like SO NOT COOL and he laughed and laughed. Jokes on Shauna week. Anyways, I got off and texted my brother letting him know because him and Anton had spent all day together. He texts me back that he was going to Six Flags. *EYE TWITCH* I asked with who? And he said Angie and RAW. Me = Angry. The fucker knew I had planned on getting off early and he dares to go out to Six Flags without me. So I drive home and I'm on the verge of tears and soooo pissed that my own brother would pull that on me and I see him go peeling up the drive way from the other direction. The douche bag thought it would be a funny joke. It was kind of funny after the fact though. The look I gave him when I first saw him though, if looks could kill...

Then, Anton and I played some more DDR. He whooped me. Started to watch part of Anchorman, but Anton is HORRIBLE to watch movies with. He gets so antsy and can’t stay focused. About half way through we call it quits and head over to the Citadel mall. It’s down south and the more ghetto of the two malls in Colorado Springs. It was fun. Anton got to experience some more of the American culture. And there are lots of “g’s” as he puts it there so that was good. We walked around for a bit then a lady at a jewelry store asked us to fill something out and William had already did it. Anton was foreign, so that left only me. I was like, no thanks, *walks*. But Anton and Will pushed me into it anyways. The bastards. XP So while I’m filling out paper work for this lady, they just peace out on me. Bah. Meet back up with them and we just browse around.

Left then headed over to Angie’s because Anton’s going to start staying at my house. I guess while I was at work my parents offered to let him stay here. YAY! So we went over to Angie’s too chill a bit and get Anton’s stuff. Watched Beerfest which is hilarious and also Anton was online and we read some of the rare old stuff left on Nemesis. I laughed so hard. Like the topic where Ben, aka Tapion just randomly ask where he can get aim. And when Ben put the wrong birthday down on the forum and they made a happy bday thread for him. LMAO Super_Vegeta: “*sigh* *wonders when tapion will get something right*.” And what Ben said about me being a moderator over there was so funny, I was crying from laughing so hard, “Why The Fuck is Guided mod? She never fucking comes here.... EVER..... She would do less than a wet brick!!! I'm sorry Guided but you are no where near the active member you used to be and i dont think you'll cut it as mod... bad choice number one...” Wow, I miss those days. And Super_Vegeta, good guy. Also, I mentioned that Icbal was a good guy and Anton was like... what? ... because it must of sounded awfully strange coming from me, but it's true. Looking back on it all, doesn’t bring back any bitter feelings towards them anymore. They are good people, bad situation. But it’s all good. Learning experiences. Learned a lot. Lot of good memories from then too though.

So after the movie gets done we all head over to IHOP. Seriously, they’re like YOU AGAIN?! LOL. Um. Angie really annoys me with her whole, let’s treat servers like crap thing. Being slightly polite won’t kill ya eh? But whatever. Generally good meal. Then me, Will, and Anton headed back over to my house. It’s like 2am by this time. We just do some random stuff online and me and Anton sit in my room and chat. He let me paint his fingernails hot pink. =) We started having a serious talk about Beverly which was slightly difficult at times when I looked at his nails. XP But really, it was serious. Just how we haven’t been able to get a hold of her and what she might be doing now. He was talking about when he started to back away from their situation. I talked about how she and Shaunna P. came up. All types of stuff. Didn’t make me emo like usual. Usually even thinking about those types of things is a major downer, but it was okay.

Anton’s going to be staying in our caravan, or as we Americans would call it, a camper. It’s a fifth wheel that’s like a mini-apartment. It even has a bathroom. Just he can’t use it right now cause it’s not hooked up. So we got the heater going when we first came back, and by 4 ish, when he went out there to go to sleep it was still cold ass. I don’t think the heater is set up properly. I told him he could NOT sleep out there. But he wanted to cause it’s more comfortable, so I offered to let him sleep in my bed and I would just sleep on the couch. But being the stubborn fool he is… I felt like shit. I so don’t want him to be out there but he refused to sleep inside. So he changes into his PJ’s and crawls into one sleeping bag. I put two more on top of him then a down comforter. I turned off the lights and was about to leave when Anton asked me if I could feel that. And I was like what?! And he got me so scared. It was probably just the wind rocking it but I stood there for a while trying to get the courage to go into the house because I’m so easily scared. He’s like I’m the one who has to sleep out here! Lol!

Yep. That’s today.

It sucks, I work everyday for the rest of Anton’s stay. I don’t wanna. =(

Jun. 2nd, 2007

Monty Python

Antonic Bomb: Day 11

Man oh man. I had to open today so I got to work at 9am. WAY to early. But oh well. I worked, Whitney worked at 12, and I was so sleepy and crabby. But then I got some coffee and it was all good. =) Had some fun then Mark, our district manager, came by to check up and “stock our fridge” because we won a selling contest. Jared came in at four and him and Mark did their thing for a while. Luckily I got two online activations today so they were happy with me. =) Got to leave a bit before 5 and went over to Angie’s to pick up Annie. Got Annie then on the way back home stopped by Blockbuster to rent Borat. Bethany, awesome chick I work with, was like, “Is that Anton? He’s cuuuttteee!” LOL. The pimp. Stopped by Safeway so Anton could buy an enormous bag of peanut M&M’s. Then headed home. Ate dinner, some ribs, baked beans, salad, and potatoes. My dad is an amazing rib cook so it was delicious. My whole family and Annie all ate around the family table, it was cute. After dinner my parents had to go into town so me, Will, and Annie all watched Borat. HIGH FIVE! lol! After Borat, I broke out the DDR. And Anton is a stud at it. So we played that for a while and I won… some… I rock. Will and Anton went out to Will’s “house”. And I took a shower, came out and they were watching something gay. So I was like BORED. Then we watched some Dodgeball. Hilarious. Nobody makes me bleed my own blood! Nobody! *SNAP* Annnndddd noooowwww it’s sleep time. So go to bed Anton. JUSTKIDDING.

P.S. That one time at the bar Anton totally got hit on by some lesbians. He’s THAT hawt. They’re not even attracted to guys, but they’re attracted to Anton.

Jun. 1st, 2007

Monty Python

Anton, more like Gayton: Day 10

Today was rocking. I had so much fun. So I woke up and headed over to Angie’s house, got there at 11am ish. Angie informs me that she got fired from her job during the orientation. New record. So she’s really emo. So me and Anton go over to my apartment because I have to do some last minute cleaning and leave my keys. Anton is such a gentlemen and always offering to help. Very awesome. I explained to him the whole Angie and Ray situation from a more unbiased view. Because Ray’s a good guy and all but Angie would make it seem he’s down right cruel and evil. Not true. I don’t know how it got brought up but I mentioned the time that Angie’s mom bitched me out about me asking Angie for gas money and how I like started crying and Angie was just standing there like bam you deserve it. Anton had a FIT of hysterical laughing. And like mockingly crying then laughing some more. I just continued to wipe down the kitchen like, thanks for laughing at my pain? But it was really funny the way he was cracking up. So like, 10 minutes later when he finally got a hold of himself, XP. I finished up there, checked my mail box one last time then headed out. Right before we left though Angie called saying she could feel her depression coming back and didn’t really trust herself being alone and asked us to come back. So we went back over to Angie’s apartment. Spent a bit of time there but me and Annie were hungry so we went to Chipotle then back to Angie’s. Angie had to go talk to some Quizno manger or something. So me and Annie just chilled at her place, and Annie took a shower and got all pretty. Angie came back, Quizno’s not hiring so more tears. Me and Anton watch disc one of Dave Chapelle’s lost episodes. LMAO at the one where he PUNTS some random ladies baby. Uhhh.. yeah stuff… It’s getting to be like 5 ish I think at this point and I’m like BORED BORED BORED, so I say my mom called and I needed to head home and chat with her. On the way downstairs to my car I get a light bulb go BLING, so I call up and tell Angie to ask Annie if he wants to meet my parents, which he does. So we both bail and go out to FALCONOOOOO! He gets to meet the whole family, poor guy. So last night we had made plans to go to the carnival tonight so Whitney texts me that she’ll be ready to go at 8pm at like 7 something. So it worked out great. He got to meet my family chat a bit then we got to bail when things started to get embarrassing for me, well scratch that. It had time to get embarrassing. My mom busted out with the tale of Jon from back when I was in middle school and he was my first boyfriend and that boy had some sort of complex where he was constantly flashing me his goods. I was like MOM WTF?! Save the penis story for the second meeting, AT LEAST! So me and Anton leave in my car and Will, big brother, follows in his car and we all head over to Whitney’s to pick her up. And I finally got to meet the orphan kittens Whitney’s been caring for. They were PRECIOUS! My god. So cute and meoowwww and all up on ya’s. =) Got back to the car and headed over to Angie’s because she was supposed to come along. Gag. But as we pull into the parking lot Whitney’s like, “Is Angie’s mom here?” And sure enough her car was parked out front. So me, Annie, and Whitney head upstairs no idea what terrifying thing was awaiting us, and my brother waited in his car. We walk in on a crying Angie, her insane mother, and insane Tracy. Angie’s mom bust into a monologue about how she wants to thank us all for supporting her daughter and even if Angie loses her apartment because she can’t pay rent it’s not the end of the world, it’s not Hurricane Katrina or a tsunami, and Angie could always move back home. I’m just like, my god… get me out of here. After like 15 minutes of absolute retardedness, Angie crying about losing her apartment, Tracy and I talking about randomness, Angie’s mom, being Angie’s mom, I texted Whitney “What the crap?” And Whitney’s just like WELLLLLL we got to get going to the carnival. So after like another 5 minutes of trying to make our escape, me, Annie, and Whitney get the fuck out of there. We head over to the Carnival and park in front of Wendy’s because it’s right next to the Carnival. We get some food at Wendy’s then head over to the 7-11 across the street to get some cash from the ATM. On the way across the street Whitney almost got hit by a car. EEP! But she didn’t so it’s all good. We get our money son and head over to the Carnival. So it’s me, Whitney, Anton, and William to avoid confusion. The boys were being douches and like, “Wahhhh we full no ride rides *tear*.” So me and Whitney went on a couple of surprisingly decent rides. Then the boys played random Carnie games. My brother is a surprisingly good shot at the crossbow booth, and Anton had decent skills at the basketball. But none of us could overcome the Carnie’s tricks to take our cash. Blast them. Soooo then we went on the Ferris wheel. I love Ferris Wheels! It was extremely cold though. So once we got off we decided to head to the Walmart right across the street. Good call we did because William noticed a pay as you go phone for like $20. So Anton got that and we headed over to the McDonald’s inside the Walmart so we could activate it. So now Annie’s got a phone that I can reach him at besides Angie’s, and since it’s a Cingular one he can talk to me for free cause I’m Cingular too. So YAY! While we were sitting at the booth we were cracking all types of jokes. It was GREAT. Whitney kept cracking on me jokingly and I was all doing a really high pitched squeal whine thing, I can’t even describe it but lets just say it’s comedy gold. And all I have to say is Bastard and Anton cracks up. And Anton’s got this whole thing going where he some how brings in that I need to get a brain. He does it like 50 times a day. The douche. =) And I’m cracking your mom jokes all over the place. And we also have another running gag about vomiting. Random, I know. But one day me and Whitney were working together and I was feeling slightly nauseated so I did the whole BLEHHH sound thing and after that we just kept running with it. And then I got Anton in on it and so now we’re all just like BLEHHHHH *projectile vomit*. And Anton’s like, how do you get vomit out of hair, do you have to cut it out? LMAO. Random. I’m fairly certain we were being really obnoxious for anybody else in the McDonald’s at like 11 till midnight. Oh and Anton kept cracking about the crying thing. He said something about it being like in Not Another Teen movie when she gets out of the pool dripping wet and some check spills water on her and she runs off crying, but she goes the wrong way so it’s all awkward as she has to turn around and run back… Man. It was just too funny tonight. Today totally was amazing. I’ve got that feel good feeling. Makes me happy. =)

Side note: my hamster is on crack… It’s got a wheel too run in but it refuses, the crackhead climbs up the cage gets on TOP of the wheel and runs on it while clinging with one foot on the cage to hang on. What the random…

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